Louis Vuitton Suit lvhh270605081a

Louis Vuitton Suit lvhh270605081a

Balenciaga T-shirt Unisex bbhh270705081a

Balenciaga T-shirt Unisex bbhh270705081a

Louis Vuitton Suit lvhh270605081b

2021 Spring Summer Collection

*Jacket + Short Pant

Color: Black

Size: S - XXL

The Size/Dimension Jacket (Oversize)

  • Size S Shoulder Width 63, Chest Circumference 120, Length 73
  • Size M Shoulder Width 64, Chest Circumference 124, Length 74
  • Size L Shoulder Width 65, Chest Circumference 128, Length 75
  • Size XL Shoulder Width 66, Chest Circumference 132, Length 76
  • Size XXL Shoulder Width 67, Chest Circumference 136, Length 77

The Size/Dimension Short Pant (Elastic Waistband)

  • Size S Waist Width 56, Length 43
  • Size M Waist Width 60, Length 44
  • Size L Waist Width 64, Length 45
  • Size XL Waist Width 68, Length 46
  • Size XXL Waist Width 72, Length 47

(PS: The error of 2-3cm in manual measurement is within the normal range)

Original materials used.
Standard Boutique Quality. Materials used are exactly same as the original ones.
What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive.

We can guarantee our products exactly like original (Own factory based and we have some of the workers also work in the OEM factory, thus guaranteed best quality!)

Note: *NonReturn/exchange item (Size, Colour , design) for any reason.

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